About Us

***Conavirus & what we are doing about it.

At the moment we have no plans to cancel the event, however we are watching the guidelines being issued daily. Unless we are told not to hold events we plan on going ahead. We do though kindly request that anyone who is feeling unwell or showing signs or symptoms associated with COVID-19 (vendors & visitors) that you stay away from the festival to protect others attending.

What steps are we taking?

There are several on-site hand washing facilities and we ask that you use these regularly and they will be checked continuously throughout the day to make sure that soap and paper towels are available. We will be placing the seating areas to have the recommended distance between them of 2m. We will spray down all surfaces with antibacterial spray and encourage our vendors to use hand sanitiser or wash their hands regularly. All our volunteers will be told to wash their hands too. ***

Set up for the show will be on Friday 8th May with the show taking place 9/10 the show will open at 0930 to allow visitors who require a more quiet and not so busy space some time. Then it will open to general public at 1030 and close at 1600. This will be on both days. There will be seating areas available and a quiet space too. Assistance dog’s will be welcome. All stalls will be of a size that will allow easy access to our visitors who are either in a wheel chair or require other aids to get around. We really hope to make this event as inclusive and as accessible as possible to all who attend and that includes our stall holders, volunteers and members of the public.

Hi I’m Lucy owner of Purl A Row wool shop in Lostwithiel Cornwall. I’m a 36 year old white straight female. I’ve been knitting for 31 years. I’m a military wife & mum to 1 small boy who has various additional needs. At the age of 17 I was diagnosed with a rare bone condition which resulted in a broken & several surgeries on my spine & hips. I opened my own professional knitting business due to these issues as it was something I could do from home regardless where we lived. After 7 successful years we were settled here in Cornwall & I finally got the chance to open a wool shop. A dream of mine since I was 5 years old. This festival has been in the pipeline for just over 2 years but the shop took priority. I also needed to find someone mad enough to help me. That person is Fran. He came to the shop at the start of the year looking for a safe space to knit & is now a good friend. I am so thrilled he will be joining me on this crazy ride & is Tin Tin to my Snorkmaiden.



Hi I’m Fran or more commonly known as theknitcase on instagram. I’m a 32 year old transguy, who is pansexual and parent to my small being known affectionately as the Tiny Whirlwind. I took up knitting whilst small being was on the way but it was not an auspicious start as I somehow managed to ‘knit backwards’ as my mum who was trying to teach me noticed. I dabbled in knitting over the following two or three years. I had the whirlwinds small hands to contend with as he liked to help me tension my yarn as I knitted. After a rather large blip in my mental health last year I took up knitting as a daily activity as my form of mindfulness. I was lucky enough early this year to stumble across Lucy at Purl a Row who invited me in with genuine warmth and kindness despite my worries as a transgender guy that I wouldn’t be welcome. Purl a Row is now my safe place and the sit and social is not to be missed. I hope to help Lucy make the Cornish Fibre Fest feel as warm and welcoming as Lucy’s little corner of Lostwithiel. So everyone including me can be as out and proud and feel as included, welcomed and safe as I do. So I am Tin Tin to Lucy’s Snorkmaiden or Batman to her Wonder Woman.